Thanks for your interest in the Kids’ Director position at LBC! You’ve made it this far, so we’re going to assume that you love kids as much as we do! Now before you click that button and pass us your application, let’s stop and talk about ‘fit’. At LBC, overall ‘fit’ is even more important to us than past experience or an impressive resume. Fit is organic, and a huge part of our selection process! Do you fit with our vision, our team, our culture, and our community? now you’re likely wondering ‘well what would it look like to ‘fit’ at LBC?’. Great question! We are looking for someone who thrives with unpredictability, loves being creative and making lemonade from lemons. We are looking for someone who is skilled with the necessary administrative tasks of scheduling, planning, and organizing. And while it’s rather obvious that the Kids’ Director should have a deep love for kids, it’s even more important for this person to love leading a team of adult volunteers, demonstrating proficiency as an engaging recruiter, clear communicator, and committed equipper. You’ll fit well at LBC if your heart beats to provide families who may not have a church home with a safe and engaging place for their kids, and if you have a passion to serve families affected by disabilities, providing an inclusive and loving church experience for all children. We are looking for someone with a strong desire to reach kids in the community, not just those in our church, and someone who understands that the church is the people, not the building (after all, we don’t have our own building!). Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll fit well at LBC if you have a strong desire to help kids take the next step in their faith in Jesus...both kids who have never been to a church before, as well as kids that have been a part of other churches in the past.


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